Our Story


We are the team behind Missing Our Angels.

Diane and Larry Gillen...

 (or as most people refer to us... The Gillens)



 Bereaved mom, stepmom to 3, stepgrandmother to 6, retired teacher,

passionate volunteer for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,

loves learning, great chips and margaritas, anything to do with organization,

reality dance shows and places with live entertainment.



 Bereaved stepdad, father to 3, grandfather to 6, retired YMCA Executive Director,

self-proclaimed weekend warrior of any sport, mows the yard for therapy, loves the combo of salty and sweet,

passionate about Diane and everything involved with her.


Our Journey

We always knew that one day we would run a business together but it wasn’t until the life changing event of losing our son, Brendan, to suicide that we discovered our purpose. The need for a change and a means to positive healing led us to the start of Memory Designs 4 You. Our first purchase was a machine designed to print on glass ornaments. From there, we added other personalized products that we sold at various craft shows and as fundraisers to marching bands and gymnastic/cheerleading teams.

While attending a regional Compassionate Friends Conference in Kentucky in 2012, we were fortunate enough to hear about Glen Lord, the CEO of The Grief Toolbox. At that time, Glen was just gearing up to offer a Marketplace on his website and we became one of his first vendors. The positive response that we received from customers and the growth of our business through our association with The Grief Toolbox helped us redefine our purpose and determine that our mission is to provide healing and hope to other individuals as they grieve the loss of a loved one. In April of 2014, we introduced a line of products called Missing My Angel which led us to create a specialized division of sympathy and memorial items. Thus Missing Our Angels was born. It has meant a lot to honor Brendan through our work and it is a privilege to offer encouragement and comfort through our products.