Guidelines for Photographs

Will any photo work for personalized items?

High resolution images will always look the best. Images that need to be cropped extensively or low resolution photos will look grainy. The better the picture, the better the outcome of the pendant.

Do I need to crop the photograph before I upload it?

It works best if I crop and edit the photos to fit the dimensions of the item you are purchasing. 

If I don't have a digital version of the photo I want to use, can I take a photo of the photo?

If you do have to do this, please remove the photo from the frame or photo album first. Taking a photo with your phone through glass (like in a picture frame) or any type of material is going to result in a poor quality image. A better solution is to scan your photo if you have a scanner or printer with a scanner. You may also want to take it to a place like Office Depot and ask them to scan and save your photo for you.

What else should I keep in mind as I'm selecting a photo?

If possible, try to avoid the following:

1. Photos that are very close up or very far away.
2. Photos that include two or more people that have alot of space in between them (the closer their faces are together the better).
3. Photos that are very blurry or out of focus.
4. Photos that have a VERY BRIGHT AREA and a VERY DARK AREA.